Kenpo Short Form #1

This form illustrates simple blocking, which is common to both Lion Do and DCCS Karate. That is why the form should be taught in both.

Video shows right and left sides:

Nevin's Notes: 

1. The video starts with a "left palm over right fist".  We do the opposite.

2. The flow is always defensive, moving backward (retreating).  That's OK.

3. The video shows an upward "punch" (block) as the 2nd block.  I think we should do a 2nd outside-inside block instead of this punch.

4. The video looks like it is doing an elbow strike (at 0.05, with a vertical arm coming straight down).  I think we should do a 2nd inside-outside instead of that elbow strike.

5. After the initial horse stance, all stances are the Kenpo version of the front stance.  It's more likely that people will already having training in the normal front stance (from some other style) than this front stance.  We should be lenient and allow both.

6. If we make the above changes, we would do:
   (1) two outside inside blocks, then turn
   (2) two inside outside blocks, then turn 180*
   (3) two upblocks, then turn
   (4) two downblocks, then turn 180*

 7. We should also do left and right sides, just like the video shows.  Many schools only do right side with this kata.