Lions Academy

Curriculum Administrator

Our curriculum can be characterized as "old-school Taekwondo", but with GM Kim's combinations and step sparring, plus WTF poomsae.  The curriculum can be accessed here.


Grandmaster Yong Woo Kim
* 9th Dan Black Belt, Chundukwan Taekwondo
* 8th Dan Blackbelt World Taekwondo

Grandmaster Kim is the Executive Advisor for Lions Federation, and the curriculum administrator for the academy portion of our Federation He is in charge of martial arts training for all of our instructors, and administers our belt tests.  

Grandmaster Kim was born and raised in Korea, and moved to the United States in 1979. 





John Pratt, Nevin Pratt, Dalton Strong, Cyril Jackson, Carol Kingston, Jeremy Winters, Kim Mangum, Luke Pratt, Kyle Pratt. 

Awarded Belts

Lions Academy's first awarded belts that bear Grandmaster Kim's signature:

The picture also shows 7 of our instructors, including Grandmaster Kim.