December 06, 2023 1 min read

Does Kenpo Really Work?

Kenpo is often critized for low and relatively soft kicks, lacking in power in relation to many other arts.  Seems that is by design, as evidenced by this (from Ed Parker):

Kung-Fu systems are circular in movement, and place stress on speed rather than power...  Karate movements are primarily linear with a greater emphasis placed on power...  Tae-kwon-do and Tang-soo-do specialize in high kicks, and also believe in power...  Kenpo employs linear as well as circular moves, utilizing intermittent power.  -Ed Parker, Infinite Insights Into Kenpo, p.56, 57

This strongly implies that Ed Parker is agreeing that Kenpo strikes generally are not as powerful as Japanese Karate or the Korean arts.  Otherwise, why would he say "greater" (Karate), "also believe in power" (Korean), while only saying "intermittent power" for Kenpo?

So, is this guy right?  What do you think?

 And here he is again:


This video confirms the slapping is a deliberate strategy:


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