Motorhome Rental


We are renting this motorhome out as a fund raiser for Lions Martial Arts Federation.  We only accept pcard payments, and the pcard code is LMAF.

2021 Winnebago Spirit 25B.  Winnebago builds these on the Ford E-450 chassis. So it is a Ford truck, but with a Winnebago box home on it. It is also rated to tow up to 7500 pounds (which is a *lot*). It is 26' 4" long (just a few feet longer than a 15 passenger van). That is short enough to be accepted in pretty much any commercial RV camp spot. Sleeps up to 8 (if some are children). Below is the floor plan. The sofa bed has 4 seat belts (only 2 are shown below), and the dinette also has 4 seat belts (again, only 2 are shown below).

The sofa folds out into a bed, and the dinette also makes a bed. The dinette (as a bed) is rather short, and probably just for kids (can sleep 2 kids). The most comfortable for adults is the main bed, followed by the overhead bed, followed by the sofa/bed.


Rent is $3.50 per hour plus $0.35 per mile, plus a $35 up-front non-refundable cleaning fee. When returning motorhome, there is no need to clean the motorhome or service the holding tanks before returning it.  Just unload your stuff, gas it up, and bring it back.

No charge for generator use, and no charge for propane use. 


We don't reserve the rental for some far-future date.  90 days ahead is the maximum reservation we will accept.

All reservations must be pre-paid (via pcard to: LMAF) with an estimate of use, plus an additional 20%.  If the payment has not been made, the motorhome is not reserved.  We will calculate and refund the unused portion when it is returned.  

Rent begins when the motorhome is picked up, or the beginning hour it was reserved (and prepaid for), whichever is earlier. Rent ends when the motorhome is returned-- which means you can return it early for a larger rental refund.

To reserve your rental, send Nevin an email ( indicating when you would like to pick it up (day AND hour), and when you would like to return it (day AND hour). 

Motorhome can be returned 9AM to 5PM Monday through Friday, or 9AM to 1PM on Saturday, excluding holidays. Motorhome can also be returned if someone here is available to receive it, but we cannot guarantee anything outside of those hours. And if not returned, the hourly charge continues to accumulate.


Free use of the generator. Free propane use. We will guarantee the propane tank is at least 1/2 full when you rent it, and there is no need to refill the propane when you return. If you need more propane than that, you must fill it yourself at your expense. Motorhome will be rented with a full gas tank, and is expected to be returned with a full tank of gasoline. If renter does not refill the gas tank, there will be a $20 service fee for us to do so, plus the cost of the gasoline.

No need to clean the motorhome or service the holding tanks when returning it. The fee for us to do that is built in to the charge. When you return, you will probably be tired, and spending a few hours servicing the motorhome is probably the last thing you would want to do. So we are building the cleaning fee into the charge, and applying it uniformly to everyone. Just have fun, and bring the motorhome back undamaged, and with a full gas tank.

Mattress protectors will be provided for the overhead bed and the main bed (please do not remove the mattress protectors from those beds). Please bring your own full size sheets, blankets, and pillows.

Basic Kitchen cooking supplies, toilet paper and hand soap are also included, and provided free. Please bring your own shampoo, conditioner, towels, wash cloths, paper plates, cups, spoons, forks etc.

Motorhome will need to be picked up and dropped off at Bountiful Baby, 2140 South 3600 West, West Valley City, Utah 84119.

We have a bicycle carrier, and also a motorcycle carrier (both are for attaching to the back hitch), either of which can be included in the rental for free if you wish. Please let us know if you want to use either one. If you choose to use one of these carriers, it is the renter's responsibility to attach it to the back hitch, and then detach it when returning the motorhome.


July 3 - July 8: Denise Pratt
July 21 - July 23: Suzanne Owen
July 24: Denise Pratt