Uniform: $25, regardless of size.  If a student already has a uniform in another style, they may wear it.

Student Promotion Fee: $25.  If the student holds a colored belt in another style, the promotion fee is waived until they reach the same belt level in this style.  If there is any question as to what "the same belt level" means, or what "another legitimate style" means, the student should ask any Active Judge.  A decision made by that judge can only be overridden by a majority vote of all of the Active Judges.

Inactive Judges Promotion Fee: same as Student Promotion Fee

Active Judges Promotion Fee: waived for themselves, their spouse, and their children.

Joining Fee:
There is no Joining Fee to join our school (however, acceptance in the school is subject to decision by the judges).  What we teach and what we train is a journey, not a destination.  Students can enter that journey at any time, and leave when they need to, and then re-enter when they can.

We have a wholesale account with Asian World of Martial Arts, at  If there is anything on that website that a student wants or needs, it will be made available to the student at cost.  The prices you see on that website are shown at retail, not wholesale.  You will get wholesale prices, which typically are about half of retail.