Curriculum Introduction


For all of our programs, DCCS/LDCJC values are a top priority. We design our programs specifically with these people in mind.

Then, when shopping for a specific martial arts program, pick two:

1. More emphasis on combat effectiveness
2. Minimal risk of injury
3. Competition / Tournaments (sport style)
If you're doing a style that promotes things that are more effective for a real fight, people tend to get knocked out, bones broken, etc, both in tournaments and in training. Other styles, such as WT Taekwondo (also known as "Olympic Taekwondo"), will make rules that help mitigate the risk of injury, such as "no punching to the head", possibly to avoid getting hit in the noggin too often, which can cause permanent brain injury. Or, "no blocking with the leg", possibly to avoid breaking the other person's leg [warning: graphic video], or possibly because Taekwondo kicks don't look as cool when they're effectively blocked. And speaking of which, every major style out there has rules in their tournaments that are designed solely to make their style look good. Even styles often touted for being the most realistic, such as BJJ, are no exception.

The Lions Foundation will never promote or support a curriculum that chooses #1 and #3, because we will never support a program where people are deliberately trying to hurt each other.