Lions Academy School of Sports Science

Lions Academy is currently offering a non-accredited Taekwondo class for ages 10+. Details here


The Lions Academy School of Sports Science and Martial Arts program is LMAF-sponsored program with a Liberal Arts focus, providing a theoretical and practical understanding of the Martial Arts. This program is intended to eventually become an accredited "Associate of Arts" (AA) university program that prepares students for transfer upon graduation to four-year institutions to pursue a baccalaureate degree in Taekwondo, Martial Arts, or a related Sports Science field.

This School conducts practical research on the philosophical understanding of Martial Arts and health promotion through Martial Arts training. It also cultivates talented individuals who will play a vital role in the academic growth of Sports Science by developing and promoting renewed practical functions and theories of Sports Science to spread worldwide.

Careers after Graduation

The graduates of AA in Martial Arts can teach primary Martial Arts practice as instructors. In addition, after achieving a sufficient belt test level, students become qualified to prepare for the program to get the certifications of masters, referees, instructors, bodyguards, safety staff, physical education instructors, Martial Arts organization administrators, Martial Arts event marketers, etc.


The certification is as follows: Martial Arts black belt certification, Martial Arts instructor certification, and various referee certifications (Poomsae, sparring, Martial Arts for the disabled, etc.).


General Education

All AA in Martial Arts students must first complete all required general education courses at any Utah Certified School of Higher Education. 

Martial Arts Core Courses

The major coursework requirements for the Associate of Arts degree in Martial Arts consists of obtaining a Black Belt in LMAF Taekwondo, plus the following courses.

Core Courses (14 Credits)

Credit Hours

SST003 Basic Technical Principles & Application 2
SST005 Martial Arts Styles Comparison & Analysis 2
SST009 Sparring Competition  2
SST013 Poomsae Movement Analysis  2
SST015 Demonstration & Power Breaking 2
SST077 Exercise Injuries and Treatment 2
STT825 Research of Biomechanics 2




 Awarded Belts


Belts Awarded (Certificate #, Date Awarded, Student Name, Belt)

#1-1, 11/11/23, John Bryant, Yellow MLD
#1-2, 11/11/23, Kent Brown, Yellow MLD
#1-3, 11/11/23, Josiah Grow, Yellow MLD
#1-4, 11/11/23, Marie Grow, Yellow MLD
#1-5, 11/11/23, Carolyn Isaacson, Yellow MLD
#1-6, 11/11/23, James Stewart, Yellow MLD
#2-1, 01/23/24, John Michaels, Yellow LMA

#0-1, 04/24/24, Josiah Grow, 9th Gup TKD
#0-2, 04/24/24, James Stewart, 9th Gup TKD
#0-3, 04/24/24, Cadence Walton, 9th Gup TKD
#0-4, 04/24/24, Brian Finley, 9th Gup TKD
#0-6, 04/24/24, Savannah Mills, 9th Gup TKD