Culture, Philosophy & Stadium Pitch


A harmless man is not a good man. A good man is a dangerous man that has the self control and self discipline to control his dangerous side, as well as the wisdom to know when to bring it out.  In contrast, a bad man is a dangerous man without that discipline.  This means that DISCIPLINE is the more important principle, followed by the training needed to be dangerous.


  1. First: Have a righteous mind. A person must always have a righteous mind to tell right from wrong and behave justly.

  2. Second: Do not become greedy.

  3. Third: Do not become angry. An angry person will lose correct judgment, and will surrender control of their behavior. 

  4. Fourth: Do not become foolish. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

  5. Fifth: Have patience and tolerancefor your fellow man.

  6. Sixth: Be loyal to your brothers and sisters

  7. Seventh: Be humble

Philosophies (Code of Conduct)

The Lions Martial Arts Foundation (Lions Federation) has adopted the following 10 Philosophies from Grandmaster Kim (GM Kim). GM Kim is one of the primary people helping the Lions Federation to further it’s mission. We have adopted his 10 Philosophies partly to honor him, but primarily because of their relationship to our own core values, as demonstrated by the quotes below:

Loyalty to Government
We believe in government and appreciate our government and the opportunity of living under the protection of the same (DCCS Articles of Belief, published 1941).

  1. Be loyal to your country Sir, loyal sir.

I have a complete desire to obey and please my heavenly and earthly father and mother and those who are over me (Standards).

  1. Be obedient to your parents sir, obedience sir.


I will bring honor to my family name.  I will live my life in such a way that will bring honor to my parents and be deserving of the honor of my children (Standards). 

  1. Be loving to your family sir, loving sir.


We believe that God expects all who are skilled in any lines, or have other qualities which are above the average, to be willing for all mankind to enjoy the fruits of these blessings, the same as God sends forth the rain on all, whether they be the just or the unjust (DCCS Articles of Belief, Published 1941).

  1. Be cooperative with others sir, cooperation sir.


Faithful and Loyal
I will not betray the trust of others. I will not in any way take unfair advantage of another for my own personal gain. I will not begrudge another an opportunity or blessing I do not have. I will be my brothers’ and sister’s keeper (Standards). 

  1. Be faithful to your friends sir, faithful sir.


Respect For All
We believe in treating everyone with respect regardless of their race, religion, creed or belief system. It is never appropriate to infringe on the rights of others through disrespectful slurs, vandalism, violence or any other means of unlawful coercion because an individual's or group's beliefs differ from our own.  Every action done in company, ought to be with some sign of respect, to those that are present (from

  1. Be respectful to others sir, respect sir.

The success of any endeavor is dependent on the trust and confidence we earn from all those we come in contact with (Elden Kingston).

  1. Be honest in personal matters sir, honesty sir.


Love and Charity
Charity is the pure love of Christ. I love my brothers and sisters and will never raise my hand against them.  I will strive to love others as Jesus loves me (Standards). 

  1. Show concern for others sir, compassion sir.


We pledge to promote international goodwill and strive for world peace.  This is the long looked-for ideal condition known as the Golden Rule (do unto others as you would have others do unto you). We believe this worth-while objective can be accomplished, and we embrace the principles that we believe can accomplish it.  It is our absolute belief that Almighty God cannot, under any condition, be pleased with war and bloodshed, or with anyone engaged in the same; and that with the exception of unavoidable self-defense, or of defending the innocent, it is better for an individual to be killed rather than to kill (DCCS Articles of Incorporation).

  1. Never attack without reason sir, mercy sir.


If you work with a will to reach perfection, with a fixed and unselfish purpose to lead and benefit others, you become an instrument through whom the time you labor is changed and becomes a part of the harmony of the Universe (Charles W. Kingston, “Love Your Work”).

10. Finish what you start sir, persistence sir.

Stadium Pitch

Might for Right

Those 3 words are meant to summarize and convey the meaning of the following quote:

We believe that all individuals have the right to do whatever they choose as long as they do not force, suppress, restrain, deprive, jeapardize, or interfere with the rights of others; and that persons who commit acts of this kind should be punished according to the law of the land in which they reside. (DCCS Articles of Belief).