Class Warm Up

Here is a video that illustrates our old Moo Lim Do routine, which our new routine is derived from:

 And here is another:


Here is another video demonstrating part of the Moo Lim Do warmup


If instructors wish, they may use the old Moo Lim Do routine. Or they may use the new warmup routine, which is:

  1. Neck mobility exercises (up/down, side/side, circle, 16 ct each)
  2. Grip exercise, then shake (16ct each)
  3. Side bend, 16 ct, alternating left and right
  4. Lateral Arm Swings, 8/16 count (2 counts per complete swing)
  5. Arm Circles, 8 count forward, 8 count backward
  6. Trunk twist, 8/16 count (2 cts per complete swing)
  7. Calf bounces 16 count
  8. Gate openers, alternating left and right, 12 ct each set, 5 sets
  9. Knee exercises (hands on knees, down and up, circle, open/close)
  10. Left leg up, shake 16ct, kick, right leg up, shake 16ct, kick
  11. Hamstring exercise, shallow then deep, 16ct each
  12. Stretch Pushup, 10ct
  13. Front Splits right side first, 16 ct each side
  14. Butterfly Stretch, 10 ct
  15. Legs Out Straight, 10 ct
  16. Lay on Stomach, Grab Ankles, V-up, 10 ct
  17. Hip rotation 16 ct
  18. Stretch Kick
  19. Inside Outside Stretch Kick
  20. Outside Inside Stretch Kick

Here is our typical cool down stretch routine:

  1. Reach the floor, stretch back, 30 seconds
  2. Sitting windmill, 60 seconds
  3. Side splits, front splits left, front splits right, 10 seconds each, 2 sets (60 seconds)
  4. Butterfly stretch, 60 seconds