Customers, Strategic Alliances

We refer to Lions Federation Customers as “Members”. There are five (5) Member categories, divided into two member classes:

Individual Members:

  1. Board of Directors

  2. Officers and Employees

  3. Individual Martial Arts Belt Holders

Group Members:

  1. Member Schools

  2. Clubs, Unions, and other Associations

Current Group Members

Currently we have these 3 active schools (but that is expected to increase):

  1. Lions Academy

  2. Ameris Academy

  3. Vanguard Charter


Future (Anticipated) Group Members

  1. Morning Star

  2. Ensign Learning Center

  3. Middle School

  4. DCCS University

Individual Members

  1. Micah Kingston

  2. Nevin Pratt

  3. John Pratt

  4. Luke Pratt

  5. Kyle Pratt

  6. Jeremy Winters

  7. Carol Kingston

  8. Kim Mangum

  9. Cyril Jackson

  10. Young Woo Kim

  11. All individuals that are members of a Lions group (membership records of which will be kept by their respective group).

Strategic Alliances

  1. DPCR. or DP Creations, LLC (dba Bountiful Baby).
    DP Creations, LLC (DPCR) will provide any resources required to kickstart the Lions Federation and insure its long term success. DPCR will also donate space for the Lions Federation to conduct business.  DPCR will provide these resources until such time as DPCR provides written notice otherwise to the Chairman of the Board of Lions Federation.

  2. Grandmaster Young Woo Kim (GM Kim)
    GM Kim is an advisor and mentor for the Lions Federation. He also conducts our martial arts belt tests, and is over all of our instructors in our Lions Academy division.

  3. Human Capital Solutions (HCS).
    HCS will be a resource for all types of training, staffing, and other human resource needs.

  4. All of the Group Members of the Lions Federation are to be considered strategic alliances.