Org Chart & Positions Description

The governance of the Lions Federation shall be vested in the Board of Directors (“Board”), in conformance with the Articles of Incorporation and the Lions Federation Bylaws.

The Board shall initially consist of 3 board members: (1) Chairman of the Board, (2) Executive Director, and (3) Deputy Director.

Until such time as the Board determines, the Executive Director shall function in all of the normal “C-Suite” offices, including but not limited to: Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Office, Chief Operations Officer. The Executive Director shall also function as the Secretary in the absence of the Deputy Director.

In the absense of the Executive Director, the Deputy Director shall function as the Executive Director. The Deputy Director shall also function as the Secretary.

Lions Bylaws do not permit the Lions to pay a Director remuneration for being a Director, but the Lions may, subject to majority vote of the Board, and not inconsistent with tax exemption under 26 U.S.C. §501(c)(3), pay remuneration to a Director for services provided by the Director to Lions in another capacity. All other offices and employees can be paid remuneration, in the manner and amount determined by a majority vote of the Board.

In addition to the above positions, Lions has one (1) Executive Advisor. The Executive Advisor functions as the chief advisor for all training and operational matters. The Executive Advisor also organizes and promotes competitions, tournaments, and demonstrations for the Lions Federation.

The Lions Academy, as a division of Lions Federation, also has any number of instructors, whose services are contracted to Group Members.

The above positions are to be initially filled with the following individuals

Chairman of the Board: Micah Kingston
Executive Director: Nevin Pratt
Deputy Director: John Pratt
Executive Advisor: Young Woo Kim
Instructors:All of the above, plus Cyril Jackson, Kim Mangum, Dalton Strong, Jeremy Winters, Carol Kingston, Kyle Pratt, Luke Pratt