White Belt Technique Set #1

The most common first move of the aggressor is to walk up and begin pushing you.  They usually use both of their hands, and push you backwards. This "pushing" move might not happen though, but whether it does or not, the next step they do is...

...since most people are right handed, they punch to your face with their right fist. 

What can you do?

The best thing for you to do is to not have your face there when their fist arrives.  Tactics to do that are the same whether they are trying to punch you, or merely pushing you.

First thing... you move and avoid the hit (or the push).  Your only choices are to move left, or move right, or move down, or move back.  For our first techniques, you will move either left or right (depending on the technique).  You will also pair the move with a parry block, and an immediate counter attack.  Hence...

Step / Block / Attack

You block with the outside boney edge of your arm.  Therefore, if you move left, you combine it with either an Outside to Inside Block with your left arm, or an Inside to Outside Block with your right arm.  You block to deflect their attacking arm to your right a little.  If you move right, you combine it with an Inside to Outside Block with your left arm to deflect their arm to your left a little.  Either way, it is the boney part of your arm that makes contact with their arm.  In the Outside to Inside Block, your palm is facing towards you, and in the Inside to Outside Block, your palm is facing away from you.

While doing the parry, you also step diagonally toward them and to the side.  You also transition to a horse stance and follow up with three rapid punches.  These punches are to the floating rib area, followed by a punch to the nose, the temple area, or the side of the jaw (depending on exactly where the opponents face now is).



Lion-Do White Belt Technique #1:

Step to the left and do an Outside to Inside block:





 Lion-Do White Belt Technique #2:

Step to the right and block/parry with the left in an Inside to Outside Block. 




Lion-Do White Belt Technique #3:

Step to the left and do an Inside to Outside block: