Required Student Attributes for Belt Testing in Lions Academy

1. Attitude & Behavior
Students MUST exhibit good attitude & behavior.  This is not only required for belt testing, it is required to even remain a student.

2. Curriculum Knowledge
The student MUST know the required curriculum for the belt being tested for, and all prior belts.  This requirement is rigid, with very little flexibility (if any).  

3. Commitment & Responsibility
How committed is the student to our school?  Is the student taking any responsibility towards getting our school fully integrated with the educational system it ties to?  

4. Class Attendance
Has the student been coming regularly to our classes?  Every student is also expected to be a teacher in some way, and teaching is best done by example.  If the student is not coming to class, it sets a bad example, and such a student should not be advanced in rank unless this deficiency is made up for somewhere else.  Also, poor class attendance will likely impact curriculum knowledge, with very little flexibility given there.

5. Skill of Execution
What is the student's skill level in executing the curriculum of the belt being tested for (and all lower belts)?  Judges will make allowances in this area for the student's age and/or physical handicaps.  Also, where Skill of Execution is lacking (due to age and/or handicaps), the student is expected to excel in other areas to make up for it.


The Lions Academy Belt colors are: white, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, brown, red, red/black, black