Following are the definitions of terms for the purpose and context of these documents:

Board: The Board of Directors of the Lions Federation.

Chair: The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Lions Federation.

Lions Martial Arts Federation: An association of schools, clubs, unions, and other individuals that have formed to create or support the mission of the Federation.

Sports Science Program: a shortened name for Sports Science and Martial Arts Program

Sports Science and Martial Arts Program: A compliant program that teaches: (1) sports martial arts, (2) self defense martial arts, (3) fitness and health, and (4) proper assertiveness, and does so with the goal of providing a family friendly, injury free environment where people can implement the associated skills while bettering themselves in mind, body, and spirit.

Director:  Any member of the Board of Lions Federation.

Lions: Used when we want to refer to both the Lions Federation, as well as the Lions Academy, and also when it doesn't matter which of the two is being referred to.

Lions Academy: Shortened name for Lions Academy of Sports Science and Martial Arts.  This is the school that we are targeting for eventual accreditation within the university system.

Lions Federation: An abbreviation for: Lions Martial Arts Federation

Group Member: Member Schools, Clubs, Unions, and other Associations that have been granted Federation membership status.

Individual Member:An individual that practices, supports, likes or identifies with Martial Arts, from white to black belt, and has been granted Federation membership status. 

Member: Either a Group Member, or an Individual Member

Premium Member: An Individual Member that also has voting rights in the Lions Federation.

Regular Member:An Individual Member that does not have voting rights in the Lions Federation.