Historical Skills Assessment

In the fall of 2022, we surveyed our membership to see who had earned a black belt in ANY martial arts style, and we came up with a list of 20 people. Of those, 14 were formally trained in Moo Lim Do, 5 were formally trained in Shaolin Kung Fu, and exactly one was formally trained in American Kenpo. Of those 20, exactly 9 have been willing and/or able to help with the Lions Federation. Those 9 are:

Nevin Pratt John Pratt Luke Pratt
Kyle Pratt Dalton Strong Jeremy Winters
Carol Kingston Kim Mangum Cyril Jackson

    All of those except Cyril are formally trained in Moo Lim Do. Cyril is formally trained in American Kenpo Additionally, John has significant training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, and MMA, as well as 3rd Degree Black Belt in Moo Lim Do.

    Of the membership that have color belts in any martial art (non-black belts), the most predominant representation is from students trained by Roberto Arana, whose curriculum is predominently (but not entirely) WTF Taekwondo. The colored belt students of Mr. Arana are predominently younger kids (around Junior High School age or younger), and none of them have advanced very far.

    The second most prevalent color belts in the membership are trained in Moo Lim Do. That consists of about a dozen people (in addition to the Moo Lim Do black belts mentioned above).

    Micah Kingston has previous ITF Taekwondo training (green belt). Micah has been offered the Chairman of the Board position of the Lions, and he has accepted.