Formal Uniform

Ourformaluniform is a black karate uniform.
We have them available for $25 each, if desired.

Informal Uniform

Our informal uniform is any plain, black T-shirt, and any black pants that will not rip if you did the splits. We suggest students start with the informal uniform (which can be purchased at Family Stores).

When a student tests, they are issued an "official" T-shirt that can be used either as the informal uniform top, or the formal uniform undershirt:



Our school logo is on the back of the shirt, and our seal is on the front of the shirt.  A closeup photo of the seal is:

Everything in the seal has meaning. The circle within a square can be found on many early temples.  In those temples, the square signifies all of God's temporal creations, metaphorically referred to as "the four corners of the earth", and the circle is heaven, or the celestial sphere. 

The inscription within the circle is Aramaic.  If you can read the Aramaic, you will learn exactly what the symbol inside of the circle is, although metaphorically speaking, it represents the Kingdom of God.  So this means that it is through the mechanism of the Kingdom of God (the center symbol), that heaven (the circle) is able to touch the earth (the square).

The center symbol, in turn, has five distinct pieces that are numbered and are bound together with heavenly mortar, in a special "counterclockwise" arrangement.  The counterclockwise rotation is how you loosen, or "open" things-- so in this case it represents the opening or beginning of a new era.

Taken together, this symbol refers to the opening of a new era, through the establishment of the Kingdom of God, and through that Kingdom, heaven will be able to touch the earth (the circle touches the square).

More could be said about the five pieces of the symbol, and the heavenly mortar, and why the symbol has the specific shape it has, and what the dots mean in the corners, and more.  But this will suffice for now.  Students who test and earn this t-shirt will be told the rest of the meaning.